I'm Alesha. Mother and guide to two gorgeous souls, wife, daughter, sister, and entrepreneur. Born in Phoenix, Arizona, I'm Italian by blood (and passport) and spent nearly a decade in Switzerland before making my way to Spain. I've found inspiration in a multi-faceted life of exploring yoga, wellness, plant essences, and nature. I love harnessing the power of connection. From connecting deeply to our inner landscape through yoga practices, to connecting with people whose journeys intersect, to the connecting digitally through my co-creation of GatherYoga

I've recently immersed myself deeper into my yoga practice, uncovering a rich tapestry that continues to unfold. My aim is to cultivate space for students to explore and polish the facets on their unique gems to let their inner brilliance shine through. For me, Yoga is a practice of polishing, and a practice of remembrance.  Cultivating this remembrance through our practice serves us off the mat as an infusion of my yoga teachings and business experience. Read more to learn about my yoga journey...

My Teachings

In my classes it's hard to take yourself seriously, as I approach the practice playfully. My teachings are infused with learnings from a mix of styles and teachers along the way, so I can't really claim one style in particular, although I've studied the Bihar School of Yoga, and have my 300 hour certification in Anusara. My classes are mostly tantric hatha or slow vinyasa flows, sprinkled with Kundalini, Anusara, Yin, Restorative, and Yoga Nidra. I teach on the mat, on the grass, on the sand, and on a SUP board. Check out my offerings to get ideas about how I can best be of service.

If a little adventure is your game, join me on a Yoga Adventure Garraf where I guide you on the mat for a 90min flow followed by a guided picnic hike with stunning coastline views and a little tour of our sweet village. An off the beaten path half-day adventure found on AirBnB Experiences Barcelona. (coming back in 2020!)

My aim is to plant a seed that will grow off the mat and into your life, your family, your career, your community. Yoga is so much more than the physical practice, and the skills we learn on the mat are transferrable in every facet of our life.

My Yoga Path

My passion for yoga began in the late 90's, when my first teacher sparked a flame that continues to evolve and glow. Yoga weaves itself in and out of my life presenting itself to me in different forms, but always giving me exactly what I need at that time. From enhancing my business travels while immersed in my career in aerospace and industrial controls, to enabling a delicate balance while pursuing an intense MBA in Switzerland, to now igniting a passion that has unfolded in my journey as a yoga teacher. I have been teaching yoga since 2009, and consider myself a lifelong student.

My yoga journey is perhaps not a typical one... The unlikely window of opportunity opened when faced with the economic crash of 2008. MBA fresh in hand, and little job prospects in sight I thought, why not go to India?

I was finally able to complete my yoga teacher training, which I started nearly 10 years prior, by studying one on one with Swami Dayanand. Swami taught me a more traditional yoga to complement my otherwise western practice, and I am certified 200 hours based on the Principles of the Bihar School of Yoga.

Since, I have continued my trainings with Restorative Yoga & Vinyasa Krama trainings with Mary Bruce, as well as Sequencing & Therapeutics with Ross Rayburn, Core Strength Vinyasa with Sadie Nardini, Seat of the Teacher Immersion training with Suzanne Faith, and intensives with Nico Luce, Noah Maze, Simon Park and Tiffany Cruikshank. Along with many other notable teachers workshops, classes, and retreats in Europe and the US over the years.

I completed a 300YTT with Suzanne Faith, Andrea Boni, and Anatomy of Movement focusing on Non-Dualist Tantra and Anusara in September of 2019.

Corporate Yoga

A passion of mine is infusing the worlds of business and yoga. I love working with companies from large multi-nationals to entrepreneurs and start-ups to discover the tools yoga gives us to create a more balanced and sustainable life. Yoga techniques can increase performance, team cohesion, even vision and strategy. Critical thinking and decision making through a yogic lens is my passion, and I look forward to reaching a broader range of professionals through this work. Consider infusing your next team building or strategy session with a yoga practice to up-level your business.

A journey into Prenatal Yoga

In 2012, we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl, and throughout my pregnancy I continued both my practice and teachings. I began what I had never expected- to teach yoga to other expecting mothers. My personal journey and transformation into motherhood led me to discover a new passion: holding space for expecting mothers through our yoga practice. I taught these classes by opening my home to my students and cultivating a community of expatriates (and a few locals!) living in Geneva, Switzerland. Friendships discovered, yoga practices started, or re-ignited, and a love of yoga began to infuse our inner circle. 

Growing roots in Spain

At the end of 2017 we made a move from Geneva, Switzerland to Garraf, Spain. A tiny beach town nestled in the foothills of a natural mountain park, and super easily accessible to Barcelona, Castelldefelds and Sitges... we are here now, growing our roots and creating a new home for our family. In this space I aim to cultivate a community of yogis, families, and friends. I am again opening our new home to create a space for us to grow and to share. Our little piece of paradise where the sun shines and glimmers off the sea. Where you can tap into nature around you and inside of you. Practice with us in our sweet little Yoga Casa Garraf.

I hope to meet you one day on the mat, or beyond.

Light & Love,