A variety of offerings and locations in and around the Barcelona, Castelldefelds, Garraf, and Sitges area

Classic Yoga Sessions

  • Yoga Begin- Learn the basics in a series of classes offered in a small group or one-on-one
  • Yoga Flow- An energetic and dynamic yoga flow to get your heart pumping and tone the body and mind simultaneously
  • Yoga Bump- Expecting a baby?  Create balance through your transformative process and find a new netowrk of friends to help pre and post labor!
  • Yoga Baby- Have a new baby?  Learn to connect with you new joy though interactive yoga together! Baby learns developmental skills through touch, massage, and yoga moves- create a foundational bond that can truly last a lifetime.
  • Yoga Family- A fun and dynamic class great for the whole family!  Develop skills together lie linking breath with movement in playful asana as well as techniques to deal with frustration and anger. You will discover a new way to bond with your family through movenent and play.
  • Yoga Nidra sessions- plant a seed of intention through crafting a snakalpa as I guide you into a deep relaxation in 45-90 min sessions.
  • Yoga Restore- focusing on restorative poses to refill your energetic cup. Your body will be supported by props in each pose to allow for a deeper physical release, dropping you into the parasympathetic nervous system.

Specialty Workshops

  • Yoga Adventure- Combine Yoga with hiking to explore the beautiful Garraf mountains
  • Yoga SUP- Stand Up Paddle yoga is the perfect opportunity to hone awarness of your body and mind connection as you immerse yourelf into the elements of water and air. An excellent tool to focus on core strength and balance.
  • Hen Party Yoga- for the bride to be and her besties, what better way to cellebrate the union than with a Private Group Yoga Session? Book a special yoga event the girls will surely love.
  • New Moon Restorative Gong Bath- Combining a trifecta of Restorative Yoga, Yoga NIdra, and the healing vibrations of the Gong to harness the intention setting power of the new moon to restore your vital energy.
  • Yoga Nourish- A special worksop with a yoga flow followed by a demonstration of my all time favorite ayurvedic treats to nourish your body and soul.
  • Kombucha Brewing- a workshop dedicated to learning the ins and outs of brewing this healing elixer at home.  Learn how to brew and care for your skobys and leave with a starter kit!