Client Testamonials...

"I just wanted to tell you that meeting you and our morning practices were one of the highlights of my summer. You are the best yoga teacher I have met and I feel really blessed to have been able to practise with you. I admire you for your passion, knowledge of yoga and professionalism. Thanks so much for these 8 lessons and I really hope to meet you again soon. I will do my homework :)" Agustine

"Thank you Alesha for such a beautiful practice 🌸 I have done a lot of yoga in my short 😂 life & so enjoyed your class- one of my favorites 👏🏻 thank you from my heart ♥
My body & spirit feel very happy! Thank you 😊 xxx"

Alesha is an amazing, passionate teacher and her class are both energetic and relaxing! I highly recommend her classes! " Cecilia

"Thanks for the fantastic yoga lesson... best yoga ever! We mean it... we have done lots of classes over the years and yours is our favourite." Nathalie & Huw

“I really like Alesha's classes. I wish it could be more than once a week. Angelina

Excellent ” Virgine                          “Simply the best! Anna                          Great as usual! ” Codou

"I love the way Alesha teaches yoga! Her voice is mesmerising, she explains everything so clearly, the class has a wonderful flow. It's not too easy nor too hard - just the right mix of strenuous challenge, opening, and relaxation." 

"As usual, the practice was great. I came feeling tired, and left feeling relaxed. I love Alesha's classes"

"Clear, uplifting , energising class - lovely teacher presence and clear expertise , a gorgeous way to begin the day feeling moved and energised all through"

"A great experience that I would have loved to have gotten more out of except for my shoulder injury. Alesha was very careful to make sure that I did not overdo it and made me feel very comfortable and not awkward about missing parts of the session out. Thank you"

"I love that it was a challenging style of yoga. Yeah! I think I'm still sore from her class. More more!"

Baby & Me Yoga

"Great! Very flexible so we don't feel bad if our babies start crying or need a feed or fall asleep ;-) and the babies really seem to enjoy it! Amazing that all went quiet when we "ohm-Ed" Cecilia

"Thanks for a great class! Feel longer and energized already. A great mix of stretching, playful exercises, real yoga and socialising" Lindy

Really enjoyed this as my little girl is now 2 months old and I am looking to do activites were I can interact with her. Emma

"Had a great time and looking forward to the next class" Tatjana

"Really enjoyed practicing some of the yoga moves with my son" Joanna

"Really liked the class and so did my son. It's nice to have something for mom and baby." Heli

"Thank you very much Alesha. Noah and I enjoyed the session very much." Anna

 We always like to come- we have fun:-)” Eva


"Brilliant! I feel taller and more flexible... Despite being 9 months and counting!" Emmaalt

"Doing bump yoga is the best exercise for me so far. can't imagine if I don't go to Alesha's class, how stiff my body will become, the classes are always superb, many thanks for your professional yoga!" Cynthia

"It was great. Finally something that I enjoy and really good for my upcoming delivery." Jocelyn

"Relaxing, stress relieving and fun- also a nice to share our experiences! Looking forward to the next one!" Liz

"It was a great class, with a good balance between postures that stretch & strengthen muscles, breath-work and relaxation. I look forward to my next class!" Katia

"It was great. Everyone was so friendly." Jing

"Thank you for offering this! Fantastic class!" Nadia

"A great moment, both energizing and relaxing!" Nathalie

 I love it :) Kasia

"As usual, a great opportunity to relax our body and connect with our growing babies."

"Always love it! Nice Small group, practice very well guided by Alesha."