Yoga off the coast of Barcelona

Yoga around the Barcelona area (Sitges & Garraf)- small groups or private yoga sessions in English with Alesha

What in your life do you find inspirational? 

What grounds you?  

From where do you draw energy?

A personal yoga practice harneses your motivations and expands your horizons to both focus and develop yourself and your community.

I am here to guide you through your personal yoga journey in cultivating your inner guru. YOU are your best guru or teacher, as only you truly know what you need in this moment. Let me help you lift the veil to begin listing to yourself; your body, your subcontious, your emotions. Discover your inspiration through growing your personal yoga practice. I offer both small group sessions on the weekly in Sitges and Garraf, or I can be available for private yoga sessions. 

Looking forward to seeing you on and off the mat!

May the light within me salute and honor the beautiful light within you.